Four girls are stalked and harassed by an anonymous foe after the leader of their clique is murdered.

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Anonymous: will the death of garrett ever be looked into?

The extent of Garrett’s death has been explored to it’s fullest. He was killed due to what he knew, and with Wilden’s death being explored, his ability to murder may come with a few answers.

srwilliams723: About the episode 100 spoilers you had mentioned there hasn't been a Spencer Hanna scene. In 4b Spencer shows up at Hanna's in the middle of the night and Hanna tells her she's not wearing underwear. I noticed other people posted this spoiler too

Marlene King had said it herself, which is why I posted it. They have been wrong about their own writing in the past, so I apologize.

5 SPOILERS: Pretty Little Liars, Season 5, Episode 5

DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS. Read at your own risk. Catch all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. Celebrating 100 episodes!

01. Hanna and Spencer will share their first “A” investigation moment. Note, a Hanna and Spencer scene has never been done in Pretty Little Liars.

02. Caleb will return to Rosewood.

03. A big mystery that has been going on for almost two seasons will come to an end. Although it’ll raise more questions, it will bring closure to the PLLs.

04. Ali and Caleb might find romance… together. Bryan Holdman wrote on Twitter, “Ali and Caleb sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

05. Hanna and Spencer will be the one’s to decode the two season-long mystery.

Anonymous: If Alison isn't the one who has a twin, who do you think will? Sasha Pieterse supposedly said in an interview, Alison doesn't have a twin, but someone else might.

If that had been said, I would have definitely posted it here. I post all confirmed spoilers on the page. I’m still a believer in Courtney, but I do think they’ve twisted up the story. If there is a chance it’s not Ali, I think Spencer might be next in line. Like Courtney, she’s had her crazy times, and her parent’s are more than sketchy. However, with all that’s going on, I think they would’ve told her.